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Halal Meat shop Chelmsford

A newsletter for all the food connoisseurs and home chefs announcing that the people of Chelmsford can now purchase premium quality halal meat from KH butchers. Yes, you read that right, we are as much delighted as you are to finally be able to serve the east London community of Chelmsford. The community of Chelmsford […]


Beef Leytonstone London

Beef is an important part of culinary. It has a very high demand due to its nutrient contents as well as richness of taste. All around London people look for the most hygienic beef. KH Butchers is the butcher shop in Leytonstone, London  that distributes the best selected beef meat to the entire area. If you did not know […]


Buy Fresh Lamb Leytonstone London

Lamb is typically less than a year old and has less body fat as compared to sheep. Mostly lambs are grass-fed that gives their meat a very unique ‘gamey’, robust or pastoral flavour. That is the reason for why many people prefer lamb meat over any other meat. In addition, lamb meat has a particular […]