About Us

We are a mission to lead an organization following the principles. We do not want to be the biggest but we want to be the best. It means we are having the best and consistent quality of meat all the time. At KH Butchers, we invite you to get fresh meat every time in the whole year. We know UK people are at the heart of high-quality meat. When you buy meat from us, then you are ready to bite the quality that goes back to generations. You are ready to meet the commitment of quality. There is a lot of opinion about the meat but the matter of fact is what you like is best.

Our Story

KH Butchers are getting famous for the meat hand selected for its customers. KH Butchers is providing the fresh and health meat for more than a decade in the area and in next coming years, the company is aiming to expand. KH Butchers are meeting the standards of meat set by the Authorities. KH Butchers are focusing on consumer health by providing quality meat at their doorsteps as and when required.

What we do

We are specialized in providing high-quality meat either it is chicken, beef, lamb, or fish. We deliver the meat to the consumer. By joining us, you are joining the people who are concerned with the health of the planet, animals, and the welfare of the framer, and finally the people’s health. We provide the quality by making our beef aged in-house. All of our meat is meeting the quality that allows you to leave nothing on the plate.

  • How it works
  • You simply visit the site and join us
  • You select the cuts of your choice
  • We packed it and deliver it to you in eco-friendly boxes
  • You just enjoy the food

So what to wait for. Let’s you make an order and we will give you our best. At KH Butchers, we are always eager to meet customer health and satisfaction. Because we know, our healthy customers are the asset of the organization.



Customized meat

We provide the customized cuts as and when required by the customers alongside the standard sizes. However, some standard sizes are generally ordered by the customers. We also provide cuts for your fast food requirement

Butcher Services

We have certified butchers as per authorities. We provide you the services of a butcher at your home place as and when required at economical rates. We have some special promotion on butcher services associated with various events like Eid and others

Delivery Services

We are providing our customers free delivery services for the orders booked on call or via the website. Customers can make orders and get the order on the doorstep within no time. However, if any of the customers wished to get it personally then it will as per the customer’s choice.

Wholesale services

We can also provide wholesale services to the customers who are requiring and working with high-quality restaurants across the UK to provide quality meat and taste to the customers. With the wholesale services, we are reaching out to more customers and it helping us in expanding.


In the area working, we are providing the promotions and discounts so that anybody, irrespective of the income level, can have access to the fresh and quality meat so that balanced diet and desire can make our customer healthy, happy and satisfied.

So, what to wait for, when you can have all of the services in one place, then make an account and get access to services. We always welcome our customers at any time. We are always there to provide you quality services on a top priority basis.

KH Butchers, your partner for premium butcher services and quality meat. Just give us a call on the given number and book your order now. Let us make the chance to your healthy partner.